Go-Kart Design Challenge

Go-Kart Design Challenge- is a contest formulated to enhance the approach of students practicing Engineering and Diploma courses. This event is fundamentally all about designing and fabricating a Go Kart at very low expenditure. We expect the teams to manufacture Go Karts yielding optimum performance. The teams participating in this contest have to go through two rounds, Pre-Final Round (PFR) and Final Round (FR). It will be mandatory for all the teams to clear the PFR in order to advance to the FR. Teams are required to manufacture their Go Karts without any direct/indirect involvement of any kind of Professional help. The design challenge comprises of two rounds namely-

  • Pre Final Round (PFR)
  • Final Round (FR)
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Quad Torc

Quad-TORC is an off road design challenge for engineering and Diploma undertaking students. Quad is a four wheeled bike, an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that was manufactured to use as a vehicle for transportation in strenuous terrains. The contest involves designing a Quad bike following some quoted rules and regulations. All the manufacturing process must be strictly undertaken by the students without any direct or indirect involvement of professional help. This contest has no PFR (Pre Final Round) and the teams can start manufacturing their bikes right from the day they get a message from ISNEE authenticating their registration.

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Formula Green

Formula Green- Discovering The Future, is a Design Challenge initiated by ISNEE to enhance the student’s approach in engineering and diploma pursuing students. The team at ISNEE felt that this design challenge is the need of the hour considering the present climatic conditions of the world where our eco system is perishing very brisk fully. The main intention of this competition is to design and fabricate a formula vehicle which runs on electric power bound to some specific rules and regulations.

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