ISNEE Student Chapter

Introduction- This is usually seen that students form a team participate in some project and the team becomes history immediately after the completion of the project. ISNEE has come up with an effective solution for this problem in which a small team formed by a group of students becomes official entity of ISNEE inside the college. The concept is basically to run the team for a longer time. When the founders pass out from the college the same team is managed by their juniors and so on. Under this Student Chapter, the students organize their self-planned activities which improve their technical and managerial skills. The student members of the Chapter avail several precious membership benefits like career building opportunities, scholarships, paper presentation, research work etc.

Why ISNEE Student Chapter

  • The students will be given several opportunities to visit industries, which will groom their technical skills and knowledge.
  • ISNEE organizes various trainings and workshops; members will be having free entries for such workshops on designing, automobiles subsystems and recent technologies by the experts from industries.
  • The students can participate in the events organized by ISNEE only if they bear valid membership of ISNEE.
  • ISNEE will be conducting various scholarship tests in which only ISNEE members can register. They will be given various scholarships if they appear in these tests.
  • The student members will have chance for attending the semester training. ISNEE provides live projects of developing F-1 car, ATV, Go-Kart, Quad and may other projects.
  • There will be several awards for the students and Student Chapters like, best Student Chapter of the year.
    Note: Selection of the Best Student Chapter will on the basis of number of active members in the Chapter, events organized, participation of the members in the events organized by ISNEE.
  • Provided additional exposure for members as well as chapters through the various design competitions and with the recognition and awards programs

Once your Student Chapter is formed you will be:

  • Arranging several meetings with the students and the college authorities which will result into their personality development.
  • Developing long lasting friendships between students themselves, the faculty and section members.
  • Having opportunities to gain experience in administering various activities, concluding meetings, taking part in committee activities and writing and speaking before groups.
  • Arranging workshops, guest lectures and several other meetings with the industrialists while working for the Student Chapter.
  • Developing informal contacts with engineers active in industry and government through joint meetings.
  • Visiting several industries for the sponsorship while working on the projects, which will help the students to establish business relations with such industries.
  • Participating in projects that require the application of engineering knowledge and promote professional growth.

Requirements for the formation of the Student Chapter

  • A faculty facilitator must be ISNEE member.
  • Completely filled ISNEE-Student Chapter Application, indicating a declaration of support from the Principal / Dean of Engineering College and Department Head., with College seal, with the enclosures mentioned in it.
  • Complete constitution of the ISNEE-Student Chapter.
  • Name, Address, Telephone, Mobile numbers and E-mail address of faculty members willing to serve as faculty advisor and additional faculty advisor. Both of them should be regular members or join as members of ISNEE.
  • Forty or more student members (Individual application to be attached) and a list to be furnished with email particulars.

Membership Charges

Membership Charges both for Student and Associate Memberships are as follows (in effect from Oct 1st, 2015)-

  • 5 Years - INR 2077/-
  • 4 Years - INR 1701/-
  • 3 Years - INR 1324
  • 2 Years - INR 948/-
  • 1 Year - INR 571/-

Career Building Opportunities

  • Part Time Jobs at ISNEE
  • Training at ISNEE
  • Coordinator / Volunteer in GKDC and Quad Torc
  • Technical Committee Intern
  • Jobs at ISNEE


Scholarships- Only the members of ISNEE are eligible for the scholarship program of ISNEE. ISNEE conducts three scholarship tests in a year on the basis of which the scholarship is awarded.

S. No. Scholarship Name Available Seat Amount of Scholarship (INR)
1 GKDC Scholarship 2 1. 3500
2. 2000
2 Quad Torc Scholarship 2 1. 3500
2. 2000
3 SD Scholarship Program 1 7000

**This page is subject to updates. Please keep checking for any changes. (Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018)**