ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) is an organization that provides a platform to all the Engineering and Diploma pursuing candidates to steer their path towards Technical and Managerial expertise. ISNEE's design challenges Go Kart Design Challenge, Quad TORC and Formula Green; with phenomenal competitive stages guide every participant to empirical glory. All the research and analysis that goes into the designing and fabrication of vehicles gives unmatched preeminence to the participants as compared to the others. Candidates perform in groups, which prepares them to flourish with Morales. This formulated path enables a student to become a thorough professional with healthy knowledge of Engineering and Management.

National Go Kart Design Challenge was the first event organized by ISNEE in the year 2013 and from then, there was no looking back as the organization started launching events one after the other. The next design challenge organized by ISNEE was Quad Torc. To boot up their successful run with the existing events, ISNEE planned to launch another design challenge in which the participating teams are supposed to manufacture (Design and Fabricated) a formula vehicle which is fueled by electric power.

ISNEE aims to impart practical knowledge in students. A thorough professional is one who is both theoretically and practically sound; theory is what is taught in college and practical knowledge is what they acquire by taking part in the design challenges organized by ISNEE.