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ISNEE launched the first-ever event named GKDC (formerly known as National Go-Kart Championship) in 2012 followed by Quad Torc, Formula Green, and Formula Offroad Mini Baja India (FOMBI) under ISNEE's series of design challenges. The all the competitions are designed with the objective of making the engineering students skilled, innovative, and passionate about their work. The events create an environment where the most innovative minds of the nation work for the same goal and compete with each other.

Go Kart Design Challenge


Go Kart Design Challenge formerly known as National Go Kart Championship is a competition initiated by ISNEE to offer teams the maximum design flexibility and the freedom to express their creativity and imaginations with very few restrictions on the overall kart design. The challenge to teams is to develop a kart (CV and EV) that can successfully compete in all the events described in the GKDC Rulebook.

Quad Torc


Quad Torc is an off road design challenge for engineering and Diploma undertaking students. Quad is a four wheeled bike, an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that was manufactured to use as a vehicle for transportation in strenuous terrains. The contest involves designing a Quad bike following some quoted rules and regulations. All the manufacturing process must be strictly undertaken by the students without any direct or indirect involvement of professional help.

Formula Green ISNEE


"Indian Society of New Era Engineers", an associate member of The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and Affiliate Sanctioning Body of SFI Foundation Inc, USA is an organization for students focusing on their technical and managerial development. It challenges the undergraduate and diploma engineers to research and develop innovative projects, inspires them to imagine, as imagination is more important than knowledge.

Formula Off-road Mini Baja India


Formula Off-road Mini Baja India also known as FOMBI is an off-road racing series for all the all-terrain vehicles falling under 305cc and 1000cc. FOMBI is formulated especially for those who have strong passion and desire to do remarkable in the field of motor sports. The competition consists of two categories-
1- FOMBI 305cc
2- FOMBI 1000cc

Student Chapter


This is usually seen that students form a team and participate in some project but the team becomes history immediately after the completion of the project. ISNEE has come up with an effective solution for this problem in which a small team formed by a group of students becomes the official entity of ISNEE inside the college. The concept is basically to run the team for a longer time.

Driver Training Program

  • Skill booster
  • Morale Booster
  • Intensive training
  • Performance Oriented
  • Increased safety while racing
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In order to make the dynamic events faster, safer, and efficient; ISNEE started training the drivers. The driver's training is done on a race track with the professionally build karts under the supervision of the expert drivers. Teams send multiple drivers for the training program and based upon their performance in the training most of the teams select the drivers.

Research Fellowship Program

  • Research Paper Publishing
  • Offer funding to innovative ideas
  • Support research practices
  • Development of industry workforce
  • Patent Opportunitites
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The Research Fellowship Program Initiated by ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO), has been designed to offer a research platform to engineering students of the nation. Under this program, we provide a pre-manufactured, ready to run electric auto (three-wheeler) to the participants that further works as a research subject for them. With vast potential and scope, the program seeks to attract the best talent into research thereby realizing the vision of development through innovation.