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This is usually seen that students form a team participate in some project and the team becomes history immediately after the completion of the project. ISNEE has come up with an effective solution for this problem in which a small team formed by a group of students becomes official entity of ISNEE inside the college. The concept is basically to run the team for a longer time. When the founders pass out from the college the same team is managed by their juniors and so on.

Under this Student Chapter, the students organize their self-planned activities which improve their technical and managerial skills. The student members of the Chapter avail several precious membership benefits like career building opportunities, scholarships, paper presentation, research work etc.

Why ISNEE Student Chapter

  • The students are given opportunities to visit industries.
  • Free admission in the workshop organized by ISNEE for the student chapter.
  • Members become eligible to participate as volunteers in the events organized by ISNEE.
  • The meritorious students get scholarships under various schemes by ISNEE.
  • Membership unlocks the opportunity for sponsored semester training in ISNEE.
  • Several awards and rewards to the recognized student chapters based on an annual evaluation.
  • A lifetime opportunity for international exposure.

Required Documents

  • Membership Application Forms
  • 40 or more student members
  • Faculty Facilitator/Faculty Advisor
  • Completely Filled Application Form
  • Complete Constitution
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Scope after Club Formation

  • Working on projects results in the development of problem-solving skills.
  • Students easily develop a good network with professionals and industries.
  • Working as a team for a common goal leads to comprehensive aptitude growth.
  • Project challenges result in the development of technical, administrative, and management skills.
  • Members get to develop and expand Public, Media, and Corporate Relations.
  • Members learn Project Planning and Project Development.
  • Members involve themselves in huge Research and Development.

Membership Charges

  • 5 Years - INR 2349/-
  • 4 Years - INR 2049/-
  • 3 Years - INR 1549/-
  • 2 Years - INR 1049/-
  • 1 Year - INR 649/-
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