Go-kart Design Challenge

Go Kart Design Challenge formerly known as National Go Kart Design Challenge is a competition initiated by ISNEE MOTORSPORTS to bring, to enhance better engineering approaches and practices in graduate and diploma students. 9th GKDC invites participation in three categories

1- CV 150cc
2- EV

Registration Start Date: 15th Aug, 2021
Registration Slots: 9th GKDC is limited to 120 slots in total. 70 slots in 150cc and 50 slots in EV with no reservation quota.
Registration Fee: ₹ 19999 + 18% GST.
Final Event: 5th to 9th Aug, 2022

Is it mandatory to clear the In-House Technical Inspection?

Yes, in order to proceed to the next level, at least 75% of work must be completed by the time In-House TI happens.

Can we use 126cc or above capacity engine in 125cc category?

No, you can only use the engine which has a capacity less than or equal to 125cc for 125cc category.

How many members can we register at max?

25 without any extra charges + 15 with an extra charge of Rs 1167/- per head.