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Formula Green
Competition Info

In addition to the Rulebook, the guidelines mentioned here will be in full force throughout the competition.

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Competition Information

In addition to the Rulebook, the guidelines mentioned here will be in full force throughout the competition.

Main Event Timeline

Note- The event schedule of FGI has been disturbed post-covid-19 due to which the 8th FGI is going to be shorter in duration so that we can bring back the old schedule in the 9th FGI. This time registration will be done from 1 Nov 2022 until 30 Nov 2022 with no payment required at the time of registration. However, the deadline for fee payment is 10 Dec 2022.

Teams will be able to book their spot for the 9th FGI from 1 Nov 2022 without being required to pay any fee at the time of registration. Other details related to the 9th FGI will be released in Feb 2023.

1- Competition Dates and Place Mar/Apr 2023, Kari Motor Speedway Coimbatore

2- Team Registration: Team registration will be done from 1-30 Nov 2022 on a first come first-served basis. Click here to register your team.

3- Registration Slots: 8th Formula Green is limited to 35 slots with no reservation quota.

4- Registration Fee:FGI follows the concept of a dynamic pricing under which the fee is revised every month with a marginal increment. The registrations are done with a registration fee of ₹59999/- (Excluding GST, Effective from 1 Nov 2022)

5- Waiting List & Withdrawals:

  • Teams on the waiting list may move to the participating list up to two weeks before the start of the competition. This is possible if the registered team withdraws from the competition. Once a slot on the participating list has become available again, the next team on the waiting list will move to the pending list and has 72 h to pay the registration fee in order to move to the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting list are required to submit all documents and forms by the same deadlines as teams on the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting and participating lists who find that they will not be able to attend the competition are requested to officially withdraw by notifying the officials.

6- Registration Duration: The registrations are to be closed as soon as the available slots are booked with a confirmed payment, however, after 30 Nov 2022 the registrations are under dynamic pricing.

7- Deadlines: All required documents and information must be uploaded to the Google Drive/Website by the team captain and/or his/her deputies by the following deadlines:

# Activity Date
1 Online Registration - Last Date 30 Nov 2022
2 Registration Fee Payment - Last Date 10 Dec 2022
3 Impact Attenuator Data (IAD) 10 Feb 2023
4 Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) 12 Feb 2023
5 Electrical System Form (ESF) 14 Feb 2023
6 Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES) 16 Feb 2023
7 Design Spec Sheet (DSS) 16 Feb 2023
8 Engineering Design Report (EDR) 18 Feb 2023
9 Electrical System Officer (ESO)/Electrical System Advisor (ESA) 18 Feb 2023
10 Vehicle Status Video (VSV) 22 Feb 2023
11 Team Member Information (TMI) 22 Feb 2023
12 Cost Report Documents (CRD) 22 Feb 2023
13 Final Round Mar-Apr 2023

8- Team Member Information: The maximum number of members a team can contain is limited to 60 in which 35 members can be registered without any extra charges while the next 25 can only be added with the extra registration fees of INR 1867/- per head.

9- Pre-Registration for 9th FGI:Teams now have the option to register themselves for the 9th FGI which will be held in Feb 2024 at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. Teams registering for the 9th FGI will need to pay their registration fees in Feb 2023. Other details will be published in Jan 2023.

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