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Formula Green
Competition Info

In addition to the Rulebook, the guidelines mentioned here will be in full force throughout the competition.

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Competition Information

In addition to the Rulebook, the guidelines mentioned here will be in full force throughout the competition.

Main Event Timeline

1- Competition Dates and Place 7th Formula Green will be held from Aug 22-25 2022 at Aruani Grid Bangalore.

2- Vehicle Shipping: Teams are advised to consult their shipping company to ensure that the vehicle reaches the venue of static tests on Aug 22, 2022. More details related to the pit allocation will be published on the website two months prior to the final event.

3- Confiscated Goods, Lost & Found: Confiscated goods or lost & found items must be picked up latest by 6 pm, Aug 25, 2022.

4- Team Briefing: 22nd Aug, 2022-

  • All ESO are required to attend the team briefing.
  • At the beginning of the competition is a technical inspection briefing. All team captains and inspection responsible persons must attend.
  • Each team member required in a certain briefing will receive a wristband

5- Team Registration: Team registration starts from Aug 15, 2021 on a first come first-served basis. Click here to register your team.

6- Registration Slots: 7th Formula Green is limited to 35 slots with no reservation quota.

7- Registration Fee: The registration fee is INR 20,000/- plus 18% GST.

8- Participation Fees: The participation fee is INR 35,000/- plus 18% GST that can be paid in two instalments of 25,000/- and 10,000/- as per the deadlines given in the event timeline on the website.

Note- This is pertinent to be noted that a convenience fee of 2.46% is applicable if the team chooses to pay the fees through the payment gateway integrated into the registration portal. Fees can also be paid through the BHIM app/NEFT/IMPS/DD/Cheque in favour of the "ISNEE MOTORSPORTS PVT LTD" for which other required details are provided in the team account at "EMS". The registration/participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason whatsoever.

9- Waiting List & Withdrawals:

  • Teams on the waiting list may move to the participating list up to two weeks before the start of the competition. This is possible if the registered team withdraws from the competition. Once a slot on the participating list has become available again, the next team on the waiting list will move to the pending list and has 72 h to pay the registration fee in order to move to the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting list are required to submit all documents and forms by the same deadlines as teams on the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting and participating lists who find that they will not be able to attend the competition are requested to officially withdraw by notifying the officials.

10- Registration Duration: The registrations are to be closed as soon as the available slots are booked with a confirmed payment.

11- Deadlines: All required documents and information must be uploaded to the Google Drive/Website by the team captain and/or his/her deputies by the following deadlines:

# Activity Date
1 Online Registration Aug 15, 2021
2 Registration Fee Nov 6, 2021
3 1st Installment of Participation Fee Dec 12, 2021
4 2nd Installment of Participation Fee Jan 20, 2022
5 Impact Attenuator Data (IAD) Feb 25, 2022
6 Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) Feb 25, 2022
7 Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) Approval March 1-10, 2022
8 Electrical System Form (ESF) March 4, 2022
9 Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES) March 19, 2022
10 Design Spec Sheet (DSS) April 3, 2022
11 Engineering Design Report (EDR) May 18, 2022
12 Design Review Jun 1-10, 2022
13 Electrical System Officer (ESO)/Electrical System Advisor (ESA) Jun 21, 2022
14 Vehicle Status Video (VSV) Jun 28, 2022
15 Team Member Information (TMI) Jul 1, 2022
16 Cost Report Documents (CRD) Jul 5, 2022
17 Final Round Aug 22-25, 2022

12- Entering the Competition Site: Entering the Competition Site: An entrance pass is given to the teams in their team account at EMS which is to be presented to the concerned authority while entering the competition site. The competition site closes at 5 pm on Aug 22 2022. The team is entitled to enter the competition site only once with their team truck for a maximum of 45 min for the purpose of unloading their competition vehicle and equipment. Afterward, the team truck must be moved to the designated parking spaces outside the pit area. On Aug 25 2022, the team is entitled to enter the pits once with the "team truck" for a maximum of 45 min for the purpose of loading.

13- Welding: Outside of the opening hours it is possible to weld with own equipment in the welding area only, using appropriate safety gear.

14- Event Control: The team captain will receive a package containing Id Cards, and Scoresheets, etc. at event control. Large teams may bring one or two extra people to help to carry.

15- Driver Registration: Drivers must register personally at the event control where they have to show their valid driver's license and a student ID.

16- Technical Inspection: On Aug 23 2022 mechanical, electrical inspection will take place in the pits, afterward, it will take place at the technical inspection area. Vehicles should be moved to the technical inspection area gate when the team captain receives a WhatsApp message about the Technical Inspection Status (TIS) of the vehicle is set to "M/E Waiting Queue".

17- Pre-Inspection: Pre-inspection will be conducted in the pit, where the technical inspectors will visit the teams according to the car number. A team that is not present or ready at the first visit has to contact the technical inspectors in the pit for a new appointment. Pre-inspection must be completed the latest before the tilt test. The driver egress is mandatory for all drivers. Before participating in a dynamic event, the driver must have passed the egress test.

18- Re-Inspection: The re-inspection for the mechanical, electrical, and accumulator inspection will take place in the technical inspection area. If a re-inspection is needed the coordinating technical inspector will direct the team into the waiting queue for re-inspection.

19- Static Events:

  • Cost and manufacturing event finals can be conducted in case the best teams scored the same amount of points.
  • A maximum of 10 team members are allowed per team.
  • Finalists will be informed two hours prior to the finals
  • During the finals each team has 15 min to prepare their answer to 2 questions about cost and manufacturing on a flip chart.
  • After the preparation time, the team has 15 min for discussion with the judges.
  • Based on the discussion the judges will define the final scoring order of the finalists. The points scored will not change.

20- Team Member Information: The maximum number of members a team can contain is limited to 60 in which 35 members can be registered without any extra charges while the next 25 can only be added with the extra registration fees of INR 1567/- per head.

# Common Mistakes Teams Should Avoid

  • Avoid grinding of welded structures; It is advised if any joint doesn't look satisfactory after welding, cut the whole joint, re-profile a new tube of the same specifications, and weld again (Especially if using arc welding). If any chassis is found with ground weldments, it would lead to disqualification from dynamic events until errors are rectified.
  • Any changes made in wiring or in-circuit after the first EV inspection must be informed to the inspection team. Any miscommunication knowingly or unknowingly can lead to no disqualification from dynamic events depending on the severity of misinformation.

# Driver Restraint System- Following video links help you to avoid mistakes.

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