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Formula Green

Most commonly asked general questions related to the competition can be found here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked general questions related to the competition can be found here

I have no membership of ISNEE Motorsports; can I participate in the Formula Green?

Yes, you can participate. No membership is required to participate in Formula Green.

I am not able to form team from my college alone; can I take members from other college(s) in my team?

Teams which are formed with members from two or more universities are treated as a single team. In such a case, the team must inform the organizers upon registration as to which university will be represented.

What is the maximum limit of members in a team?

The maximum number of members a team can contain is limited to 60 in which 35 members can be registered without any extra charges while the next 25 can only be added with the extra registration fees.

I have done my graduation can I participate or form a team?

Team members who have graduated within the seven month period prior to the competition remain eligible to participate.

I am currently pursuing post-graduation, can I participate/form team?

Students who have already graduated from a degree program and are seeking another degree of the same level or below are not allowed to participate.

I want to take some members from management disciplines (BBA/MBA), is it allowed?

Yes, it's allowed.

I have members from different colleges in my team, will there be any option in the team account to fill the details of their respective colleges?

The portal is designed to accommodate one college name for one team. If in case your team has members from two different colleges then you need to inform organizing committee to get the option available for the other college name also.

If I miss the verification call can I call to get my team verified? if yes, what is the contact number?

Yes, you can call us on 01345-297628, +91-9410430424/25 anytime between 10:00am to 6:00pm.

I want to pay the registration fee in one installment only, is it possible?

Yes, you can do so.

How will I know that my fee is received?

Immediately after successful payment of the fee, upload a copy of payment proof/payment receipt/NEFT Statement in your team account. After verification, the confirmation will be provided in the team account itself.

What is the suitable time we can contact?

We are available 24X7 for your help.

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