Formula Green

Formula Green is an exclusive student design competition initiated by Indian Society of New Era Engineers (now operates as ISNEE Motorsports Pvt. Ltd.) in 2014 that aims to challenge the engineering students to design and build an electric formula 4 prototype vehicle keeping safety, good engineering practice, engineering design as the prime concern.

Formula Green is an exclusive trademark intellectually owned by ISNEE Motorsports Pvt. Ltd. Final Round of 9th Formula Green will be conducted at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore in 10-14 Feb 2024

Formula Green Main Event

Registration Start Date: 20 Jan 2023
Available Slots: 35
Registration Fee: ₹ 57999/- (Excluding GST, Effective from 1 August 2023)
Final Event: 16 - 19 Feb 2024 | Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore

I have done my graduation can I participate or form a team?

Team members who have graduated within the seven month period prior to the competition remain eligible to participate.

What is the maximum limit of members in a team?

The maximum number of members a team can contain is limited to 60 in which 35 members can be registered without any extra charges while the next 25 can only be added with the extra registration fees.

How will I know that my fee is received?

Immediately after successful payment of the fee, upload a copy of payment proof/payment receipt/NEFT Statement in your team account. After verification, the confirmation will be provided in the team account itself.