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Winter Internship Program

You must be wondering about what to do with all that spare time of winter vacations, for this ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO) have got exciting 7/15 days winter training programs to help you utilize this time and do something productive and innovative. This training program is Industry oriented training program for those who aspire to work in the core technical industry domain. It aims to enhance the technical skills and the practical knowledge of engineering students.

Also, this program nurtures students' leadership abilities to perform or execute the given task in a particular period of time which make them different from other. This training Program is extremely helpful for engineering students those who want to see themselves ahead in the competitive world.

Program Details

Mode of Training             :     Online
Program Name                :     Industrial Internship on Electric Vehicles
Registration Fee              :     Single Registration: ₹ 999/- Per Head [Inclusive of 18% GST]
                                                Group of 5+: ₹ 899/- Per Head [Inclusive of 18% GST]
                                                Group of 10+: ₹ 799/- Per Head [Inclusive of 18% GST]
Fee Payment                    :     Immediately After Registration
Duration of Internship     :     15 Days (30h)
Certification by                :     IRDO, ISNEE MOTORSPORTS PVT LTD

Who Can Enroll?

Fresher or engineering student from any academic year; possessing a good sense of engineering, basic knowledge of computer operating systems, and a strong desire to learn about electric vehicles.

Program Calendar

Winter Internship Program 2022 Program Calendar

WIP Registration Starts Date Current Status Training Starts Date
Batch 1 20 Dec 2021 Registration Open 10 Jan 2022
Batch 2 1 Jan 2022 Registration Open 25 Jan 2022
Batch 3 20 Jan 2022 Registration Open 10 Feb 2022
Batch 4 5 Feb 2022 Registration Open 26 Feb 2022

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Summer Internship Program

The rise in global competition has prompted organizations to devise strategies to have a talented and innovative workforce to gain a competitive edge. Developing an internship policy is an impactful strategy for creating a future talent pool for the industry. The Internship program not only helps fresh pass-outs in gaining professional know-how but also benefits, corporate on fresh perspectives on business issues and even discovering future business leaders.

The interaction of Technical Institutions with the industries has been restricted to the level of faculty communications and 2 to 4 hour industrial visits by the students generally. The institutions are under a great stress to renew education offered by them, to be as close as possible to the industrial requirement and expectations. Competition in the job sector is rising exponentially and securing entry-level jobs is getting very difficult, as the students passing out from technical institutions lack the experience and skills required by industry.


Internships are educational and career development opportunities, providing practical experience in a field or discipline. They are structured, short-term, supervised placements often focused around particular tasks or projects with defined timescales. An internship may be compensated, non-compensated or some time may be paid. The internship has to be meaningful and mutually beneficial to the intern and the organization. It is important that the objectives and the activities of the internship program are clearly defined and understood. Following are the intended objectives of internship training:

  • Will expose Technical students to the industrial environment, which cannot be simulated in the classroom and hence creating competent professionals for the industry.
  • Provide possible opportunities to learn, understand and sharpen the real time technical / managerial skills required at the job.
  • Exposure to the current technological developments relevant to the subject area of training.
  • Create conditions conducive to quest for knowledge and its applicability on the job.
  • Learn to apply the Technical knowledge in real industrial situations.
  • Gain experience in writing Technical reports/projects.
  • Expose students to the engineer's responsibilities and ethics.
  • Familiarize with various materials, processes, products and their applications along with relevant aspects of quality control.
  • Promote academic, professional and/or personal development.
  • Expose the students to future employers.
  • Understand the psychology of the workers and their habits, attitudes and approach to problem solving.

Who Can Enroll?

Fresher or engineering student from any academic year; possessing a good sense of engineering, basic knowledge of computer operating systems, and a strong desire for learning the CAD modeling software.

Semester Training Program

Having huge faith in the words said by Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, “The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth”; IRDO recruits potential interns for its semester internship program. This regular, full time and sponsored internship opportunity offer 5 vacancies for undergraduate students every semester. Interns are trained and incubated on and for various concurrent projects as per their interest.

Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work. This internship provides a great opportunity to gain commercial experience and learn new skills. Participants who stand out and display a genuine capacity for a role may be able to turn their interning experience into a job offer. This six-month internship program offers in-house accommodation for both male and female interns additionally.

Program Fee

Semester Training Program Fee- Free

Program Duration

Total duration of the program would be 6 Months (6 Hrs/Day)


List of vacancies for Semester Training Program as follows-

Educational Qualification Total Vacancies Program Fee
Online Registration Opens 20 Free
Registration Close 20 Free
SIP Start Date 5 Free
SIP End Date 30 Free
Doubt clearing session 31 Free
Online Test 2 Free

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Benefits to the Industry

  • Availability of ready to contribute candidates for employment.
  • Year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Students bring new perspectives to problem solving.
  • Visibility of the organization is increased on campus.
  • Quality candidate's availability for temporary or seasonal positions and projects.
  • Freedom for industrial staff to pursue more creative projects.
  • Availability of flexible, cost-effective work force not requiring a long-term employer commitment.
  • Proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.
  • Enhancement of employer's image in the community by contributing to the educational enterprise.

Benefits to Students

  • An opportunity to get hired by the Industry/ organization.
  • Practical experience in an organizational setting.
  • Excellent opportunity to see how the theoretical aspects learned in classes are integrated into the practical world. On-floor experience provides much more professional experience which is often worth more than classroom teaching.
  • Helps them decide if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and supplement knowledge.
  • Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  • Opportunity to learn strategies like time management, multi-tasking etc in an industrial setup.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and learn networking skills.
  • Makes a valuable addition to their resume.
  • Enhances their candidacy for higher education.
  • Creating network and social circle and developing relationships with industry people.
  • Provides opportunity to evaluate the organization before committing to a full time position.

Benefits to the Institute

  • Build industrial relations.
  • Makes the placement process easier.
  • Improve institutional credibility & branding.
  • Helps in retention of the students.
  • Curriculum revision can be made based on feedback from Industry/ students.
  • Improvement in teaching learning process.

AICTE Guidelines for Organizing Internship

Internship Duration and Academic Credentials

The following framework is proposed to give academic credit for the internship undergone as part of the program.

  • A minimum of 14-20 credits of Internship/ Entrepreneurial activities / Project work/ Seminar and Inter/ Intra Institutional Training may be counted toward B. Tech. degree program and 10-14 credits for three-year diploma program.
  • Here, 1 credit is equivalent to minimum 40-45 hours of work. Therefore, a full-time intern is expected to spend 40 - 45 hours per week on Internship, Training, Project work, Seminar activities etc. This will result in about 600 to 700 hours of total internship duration for B. Tech and 450-500 hours for diploma.

Internships may be full-time or part-time; they are full-time in the summer vacation and part-time during the academic session. AICTE curriculum is flexible to adjust internship duration. Therefore, opportunities must be provided for experiences that cannot be anticipated when planning the course. The institutes have the flexibility to schedule internship, Project work, Seminar etc. according to the availability of the opportunities. However, minimum requirement regarding Internship duration and credits is as follows:

S.N Schedule Duration Activities Credits
(Degree) (Diploma)
(Degree) (Diploma)
Degree/ Diploma
(Degree) (Diploma)
Summer vacation after 2nd Semester Summer vacation after 2nd Semester
3-4 weeks 3-4 weeks
Inter/ Intra Institutional Activities
3 - 4 3 - 4
Summer vacation after 4th Semester Summer vacation after 4th Semester
4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks
Industrial/Govt./ NGO/MSME/Rural Internship/ Innovation /Entrepreneurship
4-6 4-6
Summer vacation after 6th Semester 6th Semester
4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks
Industrial/Govt./ NGO/MSME/Rural Internship/ Innovation /Entrepreneurship
4-6 3-4
8th Semester 8th Semester
3-4 weeks  
Project work, Seminar (excluding credits for Advanced Courses)


  • The abbreviation of IRDO is single line answer (ISNEE Research and Development Organization). IRDO is not just a training center. It is the platform where you realize your abilities.
  • We have well-maintained and easy to operate equipment.
  • We have experienced trainer and officials.
  • What are your immediate needs? What are your long-term goals? Do you want to gain experience in a certain field? Do you want to start making professional connections? Are you exploring whether or not you want to enter a certain line of work? Are you looking for a job you can return to during future breaks from college?

Frequently asked questions

Answer- For the details about the applicant eligibility please refer to the following link
Answer- Yes, we recruit the meritorious student from our program. To know more details about placement opportunities mail us at
Answer- The training will be conducted at IRDO facility, which is situated at H-72, Dhobiyan, Ahrolla Road - Basta, Uttar Pradesh, India 246736.