Welding Training

Welding Training


ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO) launched this workshop to give students the knowledge and confidence needed to start working with this fun metal joining process. Welding is a regular process in any engineering industry. Many people think that welding is just putting two pieces of metal together, but there is a lot more analysis to put into welding engineering. This workshop is designed to give the individuals a good insight in welding theory and practice, typical welding joints and applications. Lots of practical training using MIG and electric arc welding if applicable to your needs. Experienced instructors use a proven combination of lecture and hands-on training in our modern facility.

Program Fee

Fee- ₹ 1199/-

Program Duration

Total duration of the program would be 1 Week.

Accommodation (optional)

We helps you to provide cheap & best accommodation.

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Course Content

Total duration of the program would be 5 days

Day 1- Introduction Of Welding-

Students will get acquainted with the types of welding process and their applications in different industries during this phase. This would be a 1-day schedule for the students.

Day 2- Explain The Basic Electricity Terminologies And Units-
  • Conductor
  • Electrical Circuit
  • Current / Ampere
  • Voltage, Resistance and Watt.

Day 2- Identify And Use The Proper Tools And Equipment-

In this student will be learning about the practical uses of different components like Cables, Electrode holder, Earth clamp, Welding screen / helmet, Chipping hammer, Steel wire brush, Leather apron, Leather gloves.

Day 3- Identify And Explain The Types Of Welding Joints-

In this phase student will be learning about types of welding joints like Butt joint, Corner joint, Tee joint, Lap Joint, Edge Joint and practice how to make them.

Day 4- Identify, Select, Welding Electrode-
  • Types of Core wire
  • Types of coating
  • Function of coating
  • Identifying electrode
  • Selecting the correct electrode

Day 4- Factors Affecting The Bread Formation-
  • Correct electrode
  • Arc length
  • Current and amperage
  • Speed of travel
  • Electrode angle
  • Breaking the arc
  • Restarting the arc
  • Running continuous bead

Day 5- Weld The Jobs With Different Welding Process And Practical Exercises-
  • Running short beads
  • Breaking and restarting the arc
  • Straight bead weld
  • Different joint Welds
  • Depositing metal by weaving motion between straight beads

Day 6- Inspecting And Testing Of Welds And Identify The Weld Faults-
  • Lack of Fusion
  • Under cut
  • Blowholes
  • Porosity
  • Slag inclusion
  • Cracks
  • Their causes and remedies

Program Calendar

All the departments are instructed to follow the deadlines mentioned in the program calendar given below.

Activity Deadline - Batch 1 Deadline - Batch 2
Online Registration Opens 5 th March 2021 5 th March 2021
Online Registration Close 10th April 2021 15th April 2021
Merit List 12th April 2021 20th April 2021
Batch Formation 20th April 2021 10th May 2021
Offer letter 1st May 2021 15th May 2021
Training Start Date 1st June 2021 5th July 2021
Training Start Date 6th June 2021 10th July 2021

Benefits of Program

  • Helps you to enhance and brush-up your technical skills.
  • Encourages team work and leadership qualities.
  • Helps you in selecting your area of interest and finding what excites you the most.
  • Interaction with industrial experts helps you to clear your doubts.
  • Offers you an opportunity to work with us.
  • Offers you the direct opportunity to work with professionals on the live projects.
  • This training program helps you to understand about step by step methods of fabrication, which will help you for building of your own vehicle while taking a part in any of design competitions.


  • The abbreviation of IRDO is single line answer (ISNEE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION). IRDO is not just a training center. It is the platform where you realize your abilities.
  • We have well-maintained and easy to operate equipment.
  • We have experienced trainer and officials.
  • What are your immediate needs? What are your long-term goals? Do you want to gain experience in a certain field? Do you want to start making professional connections? Are you exploring whether or not you want to enter a certain line of work? Are you looking for a job you can return to during future breaks from college?

Frequently asked questions

Answer- For the details about the applicant eligibility please refer to the following link https://isnee.in/irdo/subpages/HowToApply.aspx
Answer- Yes, we recruit the meritorious student from our program. To know more details about placement opportunities mail us at info@isnee.in
Answer- The training will be conducted at IRDO facility, which is situated at H-72, Dhobiyan, Ahrolla Road - Basta, Uttar Pradesh, India 246736.