FOMBI 2023

FOMBI is the inter-college engineering design competition that challenges students to research, design, and fabricate an off-road buggy. The design challenge aims to simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related tasks. To give teams the maximum design flexibility and the freedom to express their creativity and imagination. For the purpose of the FOMBI, teams are to assume that they work for a design firm that is designing, fabricating, testing, and demonstrating an off-road buggy for the non-professional, weekend, competition market.

Registration Start Date: 15th Dec, 2022
Registration Slots: FOMBI 2023 is limited to 50 slots in total with no reservation quota.
Registration Fee: ₹ 28500 + 18% GST. (Effective from 15 Dec 2022).
Final Event: 3 - 7 Aug 2023 (Tentative)

When should we fill the details of the team members and the faculty advisor?

Once you have registered and paid the whole amount you can fill all the details needed for the design challenge in the team account.

Is there any qualification round?

No it is a direct entry event .There is only one round i.e. final round.

How many members can we register at max?

40 without any extra charges + 25 with an extra charge of ₹ 1467/- (Excluding 18% GST) per head.