FOMBI 2024

TThe Challenge Unveiled- As a registered team, you will embark on a thrilling journey to engineer and construct an exceptional off-road buggy. Prepare comprehensive engineering design documents within the stipulated timeline as you navigate the intricate path ahead. Under the guidance of our experienced event staff and vigilant track marshals, brace yourself for a multifaceted course designed to stretch your capabilities. Performance and caliber will shine through a series of static and dynamic events, ultimately leading to the allocation of well-deserved points.

Registration Simplified- Completing the registration form with precision is your ticket to entering this exciting competition. Rest assured; no payment is needed at this initial phase.

Registration Fee and Dynamics- The registration fee for FOMBI 2024 is governed by dynamic pricing concept, with slight increments every month. Bear in mind that registrations made after 21 September will be subject to dynamic pricing without discounts.

Mark Your Calendar- The grand culmination of this remarkable journey, FOMBI 2024, will unfold from 22-27 Sep 2024, coinciding with the 10th Quad Torc event.

When should we fill the details of the team members and the faculty advisor?

Once you have registered and paid the whole amount you can fill all the details needed for the design challenge in the team account.

Is there any qualification round?

No it is a direct entry event .There is only one round i.e. final round.

How many members can we register at max?

40 without any extra charges + 25 with an extra charge of ₹ 1467/- (Excluding 18% GST) per head.