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10th Quad Torc

Quad Torc is an off-road design challenge that provides an opportunity to the students to conceive, design, and fabricate a four-wheel configuration quad bike (ATV) powered by a 250cc engine under a preset of rules and regulations.

Final Round

10th Quad Torc will be held from 27 Sep - 1 Oct 2024.

Hosted By

SISTec, Ratibad Campus, Bhopal.

The objective is to promote innovation and generate consciousness amongst the young engineers towards practical learning.

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Years of adventurous experience in off-road racing

Why should you choose Quad Torc?

Not only established, but we are also committed to being distinguished


Visionary Rulebook

The rulebook that participants follow is not merely a set of regulations but the research and development of more than 8 years.


Perfect Off Roading

The only event that has the tracks perfectly designed for off-road events and has been hosted from North to South.


The Pioneers

Designed and Developed by the Indian Society of New Era Engineers on July 28, 2013; Quad Torc is being pursued nationwide.


Transparent System

The web interface allows everyone associated with the teams to view real-time updation of scores with full transparency and accuracy.


24/7 Support

Well established helpline to resolve the queries on the same working day improving the team's efficiency and saving the time as well.


Brilliant Staff

Having a central technical committee of most experienced people from the industry and academic; best suitable for the job.

Quad Torc

The glorious journey so far








Press the play button to go through the outstanding and adventurous track moments of the Quad Torc.
Quad Torc

The only event that gives you opportunity to think out of the box.

Research Fellowship Program


Quad Torc Concept


Rider Training Program


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To Your Questions

Yes, "Indian Society of New Era Engineers" is now "ISNEE Motorsports".
We are available 24x7 for your help.
Go-Kart Design Challenge, Quad-Torc, and Formula Green are the events organized by us. We are planning for the first season of FOMBI ( Formula Off-road - Mini Baja India) in 2021.
Yes, in order to proceed to the next level, at least 75% of work must be completed by the time In-House TI happens.

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  1. 9th Quad Torc DisAsm Score
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