Quad Torc Concept

Quad-TORC Concept Challenge is a concept category introduced by ISNEE Motorsports under Quad-TORC Design Challenge. This category is exclusively for the new teams entering into the competition and have no experience in designing and manufacturing. Teams registering under this category do not require to fabricate their vehicle for the event, they just have to prepare their reports and design the concept of the vehicle that has to be presented in front of the Judges/Experts online.

Being in the design competition teams gain experience from it and learn various techniques of the product development followed by the exposure to the manufacturing skills of the same for the main event in forthcoming years.


The objectives of the design challenge include the following:

  • To provide students the intense comprehensive learning and technical skills.
  • Act as a platform for students interested in building quad bike without investing a huge amount.
  • To assist teams how to design quad bike.
  • To improve the excellence level of Quad TORC teams.
  • To make students familiar with ATV components.
  • To prepare students for core industries.

Registration Procedure

  • Teams can register themselves on Registration Link given below:
  • Registration fee: Registration Fee (₹ 6300/- + 18% GST) is to be paid immediately after successful online registration of the team.
  • The registration money can only be paid through the online payment gateway or NEFT/IMPS, for which the payment link would be made available in team account and registered mail id.
  • Team Members Information can be added in the team account any time after successful fee payment.

Note: Team must have minimum 5 Member and maximum number of members is limited to 30 (20+10), out of which 20 members can be registered without any extra charge while 10 extra members have to pay ₹ 1460/- per member extra charge.

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