1- Quad Torc Concept

Quad Torc Concept is the virtual design competition for the teams aiming to enter into the main competition and have less experience and exposure in the field vehicle designing and manufacturing. For this category the physical prototype of the vehicle is not required, however, teams can choose to present the physical components/systems/assemblies, if available. India’s vision of only electric cars by the year 2030 motivates us to bring this new category to the series of design competitions by ISNEE Motorsports which challenges teams to design an electric Quad Bike.

The purpose of the Quad Torc Concept is to provide teams with an opportunity to conceptualize and design an electric Quad Bike which meets the Quad Torc Rules and Guidelines.

2- Competition Objective

The objectives of the challenge include the following:

  • To provide a platform for students aiming to build an Electric Quad Bike for the Quad Torc.
  • To assist teams with mentors who will be able to guide them through the process of designing and manufacturing the Quad Bike.
  • Act as a platform for students interested in fabricating the competition vehicle without investing huge amount.
  • To improve the level of teams aiming to take part in Quad Torc

3- Competition Procedure

  • The competition is organized by ISNEE Motorsports Private Limited, and shall be hosted online.
  • The competition shall be based around electric Quad Bike.
  • The physical prototype of the vehicle is not required, however, teams can choose to present the physical components/systems/assemblies, if available.
  • The design and rule guidelines shall be followed from the most recent Quad Torc Rulebook published on QT Website and this Handbook.
  • Every evaluation shall be recorded and every report submitted by the teams shall be considered a "Public Report" (Article I.8 of 9th QT Rulebook) and can be reproduced and distributed by the competition organization, in both complete and edited versions, in any medium or format anywhere in the world.
  • The events shall also involve its own Q&A session with the relevant judging groups in scheduled time slots.
  • Scoring of the events in the competition is done as follows:
Category Specifics Points
DSS Design Spec Sheet + Q&A 50
FMEA FMEA Report + Q&A 50
ENGINEERING DESIGN Design Report + Design Presentation + Supporting Documents + Q&A 300
COST REPORT Cost Report + Supporting Documents + Q&A 100

4- Registration Process

  • Primary registration of the team can be done on the online Registration Portal
  • For those who intend to make payment via their institution or a private firm, please ensure that you provide the correct details of the Institution Name, Mailing Address and GSTIN. If yes, please share this information with the organizers before being invoiced.

5- Registration Fee

  • The registration fee (non-refundable and non-transferable) of the Quad Torc Concept is ₹ 16500 + 18% GST.
  • For those who intend to make payment via their institution or a private firm, please ensure that you provide the correct details of the Institution Name, Mailing Address and GSTIN. If yes, please share this information with the organizers before being invoiced.

6- Fee Payment

  • Once the primary registration is verified and approved, the team shall receive a confirmation email (from info@isnee.in) on the registered email id. In some cases, this email might be found in the spam box, we advise you to check the spam folder, and add info@isnee.in as a trusted contact if you don't find the mail in your inbox.
  • This email contains the Team Account credentials including the Registration ID and Password, teams can login into the Team Account on EMS using this id and password.
  • Teams shall receive a Proforma Invoice (PI) within 12 hours of the registration which will remain valid until the fee payment deadline mentioned in the document. Teams can use the following modes to make payment in line with the Proforma Invoice:
    • Payment Gateway (PayU Money) integrated with the Team Account on EMS

7- Payment Confirmation

  • Once the payment is made, the reference can be sent to the WhatsApp helpline for confirmation.
  • Upon the successful confirmation of the fee payment, the team shall receive a Tax Invoice on the registered email.

8- Team Member Registration

  • The maximum number of members in a team is limited to 25; wherein 15 members can be registered without any extra charges while next 10 can only be added after paying ₹ 690 + 18% per member.
  • The Team Member Information (TMI) must be completed in the Team Account on EMS.

9- Timeline

Date Activity
Primary Registration 1 Dec – 31 Dec 2022
Registration Fee Payment 5 Jan 2023
Free Webinar on Quad Torc Concept 2023 22 Jan 2023
DSS Submission 24 Feb 2023
Free Mentorship Sessions 20 Feb – 15 Mar 2023
FMEA Submission 1 Mar 2023
Engineering Design Documents Submission 10 Mar 2023
Cost Report Documents Submission 15 Mar 2023
Team Member Information 25 Mar 2023
Online Design Presentation 10 Apr – 20 Apr 2023
Online Cost Presentation 20 Apr – 30 Apr 2023
Awards Ceremony 1 May 2023

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1- Competition Dates and Place

9th Quad Torc will be held from 3 - 7 Aug 2023 in Madhya Pradesh.

2- Vehicle Shipping

Teams are advised to consult their shipping company to ensure that the vehicle reaches the venue of static tests on 2 Aug 2023. More details related to the pit allocation will be published on the website two months prior to the final event.

3- Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration is a process wherein teams enrol for the competition in advance and get a 20% discount on the registration fee. EB Registration for 9th Quad Torc is to be done from 6 Jul 2022 until 20 Aug 2022.

4- Team Registration

Team registration starts from 21 Aug 2022. Click here to register your team.

5- Registration Slots

9th Quad Torc is limited to 60 slots with no reservation quota.

6- Registration Last Date

The registrations are to be closed as soon as the available slots are booked with a confirmed payment.

7- Registration Fee

Quad Torc follows the concept of a dynamic registration fee under which the fee is revised every month with a marginal increment.
The registrations are done with a registration fee of ₹ 47499/- (Excluding GST) (Effective from 1 Dec 2022)

8- Fee Payment

Teams can choose to pay the fee in one or a maximum of two instalments as per the event timeline.

Note- This is pertinent to be noted that a convenience fee of 2.46% is applicable if the team chooses to pay the fees through the payment gateway integrated into the registration portal. Fees can also be paid through the UPI/NEFT/IMPS/DD in favour of the "ISNEE MOTORSPORTS PVT LTD" for which other required details are provided in the team account at "EMS". The registration/participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason whatsoever.

9- Waiting List & Withdrawals

  • Teams on the waiting list may move to the participating list up to two weeks before the start of the competition. This is possible if the registered team withdraws from the competition. Once a slot on the participating list has become available again, the next team on the waiting list will move to the pending list and has 72 h to pay the registration fee in order to move to the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting list are required to submit all documents and forms by the same deadlines as teams on the participating list.
  • Teams on the waiting and participating lists who find that they will not be able to attend the competition are requested to officially withdraw by notifying the officials.

10- Deadlines

All required documents and information must be uploaded to the Google Drive/Website by the team captain and/or his/her deputies in compliance with the event timeline.

11- Entering the Competition Site

An entrance pass is given to the teams in their team account at EMS which is to be presented to the concerned authority while entering the competition site. The competition site closes at 6 pm on 7 Aug 2023. The team is entitled to enter the competition site only once with their team truck for a maximum of 45 min for the purpose of unloading their competition vehicle and equipment. Afterward, the team truck must be moved to the designated parking spaces outside the pit area. On 7 Aug 2023, the team is entitled to enter the pits once with the "team truck" for a maximum of 45 min for the purpose of loading.

12- Welding

Within the working hours it is possible to weld with own equipment in the welding area only, using appropriate safety gear.

13- Engine Test Area

Engines may only be run in the designated engine test area during the opening times and only after passing the TI.

14- Event Control

The team captain will receive a package containing score card, programs schedule and merchandise, etc. at event control. Large teams may bring one or two extra people to help carrying.

15- Rider Registration

Riders must register personally at the event control where they have to show their valid student ID.

16- Technical Inspection

On 3 Aug, 2022 mechanical, electrical inspection will take place in the pits, afterward, it will take place at the technical inspection area. Vehicles should be moved to the technical inspection area gate when the team captain receives a WhatsApp message about the Technical Inspection Status (TIS) of the vehicle is set to "M/E Waiting Queue".

17- Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspection will be conducted in the pit, where the technical inspectors will visit the teams according to the Quad Number. A team that is not present or ready at the first visit have to contact the technical inspectors in the pit for a new appointment. The driver egress is mandatory for all drivers. Before participating in a dynamic event, the driver must have passed the egress test.

18- Re-Inspection

The re-inspection will take place in the technical inspection area. If a re-inspection is needed the coordinating technical inspector will direct the team into the waiting queue for re-inspection.

19- Utility Tools for Small-Scale Agriculture

In the 21st century, small farming seems to be as risky as it has ever been. While many farmers love the life they have and wouldn't want to do anything else. The dual challenges of global economics and changing weather patterns make commercial small farming an uneasy pursuit. Both vegetable farming and the raising of livestock are subject to the whims of nature and the competition of big business. For those who depend on agriculture for their livelihood, it is a way of life, and it can be both rewarding and challenging. Many people with knowledge of various gardening techniques and experiences may not have the money to put into their business, and may not want to take a risk with everything they have.

One of the most common problems small farmers face is the availability of the right and affordable equipment. Taking the Quad Torc to a whole new level, we invite you to explore the possibilities of designing tools/equipment/attachments for small-scale farmers that can be used with your Quad Bike. We are looking forward to having innovative designs and prototypes in the following segments:

  • Rotary Tiller
  • Crop Sprayer
  • Front-end Loader
  • Cultivator
  • Past Hole Digger
  • Crop Harvesting Attachments
  • Others


  • Teams can present the design and the prototype or the design alone
  • The main aim is to address the existing problems these farmers face and come up with an affordable tool/equipment design.
  • No additional points will be granted for it but the best of the prototypes will be considered for award(s)
  • Though it's not mandatory for teams to design these tools/equipment yet we strongly recommend it.

20- Team Member Information

The maximum number of members in a team is limited to 50; wherein 30 members can be registered without any extra charges while next 20 can only be added after paying Rs 1490/- per member.

21- Timeline

Date Activity
Early Bird Registration Registration Portal 6 Jul - 20 Aug 2022
Team Registration Registration Portal 21 Aug 2022
1st Instalment - Registration Fee Within 72 Hours from time of Primary Registration
2nd Instalment - Registration Fee Within 30 Dyas from date of Primary Registration
Compulsory Workshop – Delhi NCR/Punjab/Bhopal 4-5 Feb 2023
Compulsory Workshop – Mumbai/Pune 11-12 Feb 2023
Compulsory Workshop – Chennai/Bangalore 15-16 Feb 2023
Compulsory Workshop – Coimbatore/Kerala 18-19 Feb 2023
Team Member Information (EMS) 10 Jun 2023
Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES) 22 Jun 2023
Cost Report Document (CRD) 25 Jun 2023
Design Spec Sheet (DSS) 26 Jun 2023
Engineering Design Report (EDR) 27 Jun 2023
In-House Inspection (EMS) 1-10 Jul 2023
Rider Training Program 15-16 Jul 2023
Testing Report & Video (TRV) (YouTube) 20 Jul 2023
Final Event 3-7 Aug 2023

22- Registration Process

The registration link (https://isnee.in/registration/) will be activated sharp at 5pm on 6th July, 2022. Clicking on the link will take you to the "Registration Portal" where a team representative (can be anybody; Team Captain/Team Manager/Team Member/Faculty Advisor) can create an account for the team. After successful submission of the details on the registration page, you will receive a confirmation email with the login credentials. In case of any queries, the registration team can be contacted on 9410430424/25.

**This page is subject to updates. Please keep checking for any changes. (Last Update: 1 Dec 2022)**

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