Quad Torc

Welcome to the dynamic world of Quad Torc, an off-road design challenge set in motion by the Indian Society of New Era Engineers (now operating as ISNEE Motorsports Pvt. Ltd.) in 2013. This captivating event offers students a unique opportunity to conceive, design, and fabricate a four-wheel configuration quad bike (ATV) powered by a 250cc engine, all within a framework of predefined rules and regulations. The vehicle's performance and safety are paramount, complemented by meticulous attention to sound ergonomics. The primary objective is to stimulate innovation and awaken awareness among young engineers, nurturing practical learning.

The Challenge Unveiled- Registered teams embark on an exhilarating journey to engineer and fabricate a Quad Bike, preparing comprehensive engineering design documents within the stipulated event timeline. Guided by our experienced event staff and vigilant track marshals, teams will confront a multifaceted course designed to stretch their capabilities. Performance and caliber will be assessed through various static and dynamic events, culminating in the allocation of points.

Registration Made Easy- Simply complete the registration form with accurate details; no payment is required at this stage.

Registration Fee: ₹ 45499 + 18% GST (Effective from 1 December 2023)

Mark Your Calendar- The grand finale of this riveting journey, the 10th Quad Torc, is scheduled from 22-27 Sep 2024, coinciding with the FOMBI event.


Quad Torc Concept is the virtual design competition for the teams aiming to enter into the main competition and have less experience and exposure in the field vehicle designing and manufacturing. For this category the physical prototype of the vehicle is not required, however, teams can choose to present the physical components/systems/assemblies, if available. India’s vision of only electric cars by the year 2030 motivates us to bring this new category to the series of design competitions by ISNEE Motorsports which challenges teams to design an electric Quad Bike.

The purpose of the Quad Torc Concept is to provide teams with an opportunity to conceptualize and design an electric Quad Bike which meets the Quad Torc Rules and Guidelines.

Primary Registration Date: 30 Aug 2023
Registration Fee: ₹ 18500 + 18% GST (Effective from 1 November 2023).

Who can participate in this event?

All Engineering Undergraduate and diploma students are eligible to participate.

Is there any qualification round?

No it is a direct entry event .There is only one round i.e. final round.

How can we form the student chapter?

Give us a call on our office Number which is 01345-297628 or mail us at info@isnee.in. Click here to download student chapter documents.