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The Design Challenge

Go Kart Design Challenge formerly known as National Go Kart Championship is a competition initiated by ISNEE to offer teams the maximum design flexibility and the freedom to express their creativity and imaginations with very few restrictions on the overall kart design. The challenge to teams is to develop a kart (CV and EV) that can successfully compete in all the events described in the GKDC Rulebook.

GKDC Objective

For the purpose of the GKDC, teams are to assume that they work for a firm that is designing, fabricating, testing, and demonstrating a prototype kart for the non-professional, weekend, competition market. The kart should have very high performance in terms of acceleration, braking, and handling and be sufficiently durable to successfully complete all the events described in the GKDC rulebook.

gkdc chronology

We are setting Records

GKDC 2023 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

ISNEE Motorsports Private Limited is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the 10th GKDC... Read More

GKDC 2022 Aruani Grid, Bangalore

It had been a long-awaited event as the country went into complete lockdown immediately after 7th GKDC. Read More

GKDC 2021 Online

As we're sure you're already aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak in 2020 has meant... Read More

GKDC 2020 Online

As we're sure you're already aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak in 2020 has meant... Read More

GKDC 2019 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

A competition that started almost a year ago concluded at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore this February. Read More

GKDC 2018 Buddh International Circuit, Gr. Noida

6th edition of Go Kart Design Challenge registration begun in March 2018 with 169 teams registered in Read More

GKDC 2017 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

The 5th season of the Go Kart Design Challenge opened the registration in three categories i.e., CV 125cc, Read More

GKDC 2016 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

design your dreams was kick started with the registration of 169 teams out of which 162 teams were present Read More

GKDC 2015 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

106 teams got selected for Final Round out of 149 registered teams. The Final Round of third season of GKDC Read More

NGCK 2014 Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore

The Wind Reloaded. Second edition of championship. Registrations for the challenge begun in the Read More

NGKC 2013 Mohite's Racing Academy, Kolhapur

A starting chapter of ISNEE's success. Registration for the design challenge begun in the mid of April. Read More

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