Detailed Summary

GKDC Campus Ambassador

What exactly is a GKDC Campus Ambassador?

A GKDC Campus Ambassador is an individual who officially represents Go Kart Design Challenge in his/her campus and is responsible to maintain its brand presence among college/university students.

What is the role of GKDC Campus Ambassador?

The key role of a Campus Ambassador is to keep the students of the college/instute updated with the current affairs of Go Kart Design Challenge.

What you do:

  • Official ambassador and representative of GKDC in your college.
  • Promote the GKDC in your college.
  • Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports.
  • Coordinate the execution of activities in your college.

What are the benefits of being the Campus Ambassador of GKDC?

If you are a passionate individual with ambitious dreams and would like to work with talented and qualified professionals from top automobile industries and academics, then this could be the right break for you.

Being a GKDC Campus Ambassador you develop multiple skills such as social media marketing, content marketing, organizing seminars, taking workshops etc. And the most interesting part is that you even get to earn rewards such as cash incentives, gift vouchers, and even some cool merchandises. A campus ambassador is usually expected to work 3 to 4 hours every week, and so it also helps you become a better planner in terms of managing your academic responsibilities along with your campus ambassador work. You can also include your campus ambassador experience on your resume - it is a valuable addition!