Static Event

Business Plan Presentation Event

1- Business Plan Presentation Event-

1.1- The objective of the BPP is to evaluate the team’s ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business model which demonstrates their product – a prototype race car – could become a rewarding business opportunity.

1.2- The judges should be treated as if they were potential investors or partners for the presented business model.

1.3- The business plan must relate to the specific prototype race car entered in the competition. The quality of the actual prototype will not be considered as part of the BPP judging.

2- Business Plan Presentation Procedure

2.1- Presentations are limited to a maximum of ten minutes. The judges will stop any presentation exceeding ten minutes.

2.2- The presentation will not be interrupted by questions. Immediately following the presentation there will be a question and answer session.

2.3- One or more team members may present the business plan.

2.4- All team members involved in the BPP must be in the podium area and must be introduced to the judges at the beginning of the presentation. The team members who have been introduced may answer the judges' questions even if they were not actually presenting.

2.5- Data projectors or screens with VGA and HDMI (type A) input connectors will be provided for video signal transmission. Teams planning to use audio or other presentation equipment are responsible for bringing it themselves.

2.6- Teams that fail to make their presentation within their assigned time period will receive zero points for the BPP.

2.7- Prior to the competition a specific deep dive topic, which has to be part of the ten minute presentation, will be published on the competition website.

3- Executive Summary

3.1- To convince the potential investors or partners that the team's presentation is worthy of their time, it is required that an executive summary is submitted before the competition. The executive summary should contain a brief description of the team's business plan.

3.2- The executive summary must not exceed one page. The vehicle number and university (or college) name must be written in the top right corner.

3.3- The executive summary must be submitted online via the competition website, not later than the deadline specified in the competition handbook.

3.4- If the executive summary is not compliant with the rules, 5 penalty points are deducted from the final BPP score.

4- Business Plan Presentation Scoring

4.1- The BPP will be evaluated on the categories specified in the following table:

Category Points
Executive Summary 10
Novelty 10
Content 20
Finances 10
Deep Dive Topic 10
Demonstration and Structure 15
Delivery 10
Questions 15
General Impression 5
Total 100

4.2- The judging at the competition will start with an initial judging, where all teams are judged by different judging groups. The top three to five teams are then judged by all business judges in the BPP finals.

4.3- The scoring of the BPP is based on the average of the scores given by each of the judges.

4.4- The scoring for the non-finalist is calculated as followed:

Business Plan Presentation score = 50x [(Pteam)/ (Pmax)]

Pteam is the score awarded to the team

Pmax is the highest score awarded to any team not participating in the finals