Dynamic Event

Brake Test

Brake Test- It's mandatory for a vehicle to pass the brake test to participate in any of the dynamic events. The vehicle must stop in a straight line after the brake is applied on the vehicle and the wheels on which the brake mechanism is acting must get locked immediately after the pedal is pressed. Each vehicle will be given only 4 attempts to pass the brake test. After the successful brake test attempt, the vehicle will not be allowed to avail remaining attempts (if left).

Vehicle dynamic stability will also be checked during the test, vehicle possessing abnormal behavior will be checked again. The TI can be cancelled if the vehicle is found dynamically unstable or unsafe in the Brake Test. Few frequently occurred problems are listed below-

  • Unusual sound from transmission (generally sound produced by the chain).

  • The unsafe frame (Design and manufacturing).

  • Improper wheel alignment etc.

If these issues found with the vehicle after static inspection, vehicle Technical Inspection will be canceled and again will be given a chance to rectify it.

Brake Test Track – The brake test will be conducted on a 150ft straight course of the track.

Note: The vehicle's speed must not be less than 40KMPH for EV, 45KMPH for CV125 and 50KMPH for CV150 while attempting brake test. Brake Test is not having any points, but it's mandatory for a vehicle to clear the test to qualify for any of the dynamic events.

Acceleration Test- Acceleration test will be conducted on a 100m straight track. Timing will be recorded electronically.

Acceleration Scoring Formula-

Acceleration score = 80x [(Tlongest–Tyours)/ (Tlongest–Tshortest)]