Static Event

Technical Inspection

1- The objective of Technical Inspection-

The objective of the technical inspection is to determine if the vehicle meets the GKDC Rules requirements and restrictions and if, considered as a whole, it satisfies the intent of the Rules.

  • For purposes of interpretation and inspection, the violation of the intent of a rule is considered a violation of the rule itself.

  • Technical inspection is a non-scored activity.

2- Inspection & Testing Requirement

Each vehicle must pass all parts of technical inspection and testing, and bear the inspection stickers before it is permitted to participate in any dynamic event or to run on the practice track.

3- Team Responsibility-

  • Teams are responsible for confirming that their kart, and the required equipment, satisfy the requirements and restrictions of the GKDC Rules before presenting it for Technical Inspection.

  • Presenting a kart for Technical Inspection constitutes a declaration by the team that they have determined by self-inspection that the vehicle complies with the Rules.

4- Items to be Inspected-

The Technical Inspection Sheet (detailed list of items) to be inspected will be uploaded in your

5- Technical Inspection Procedure-

a- In-House Technical Inspection- In-House TI is the preliminary technical inspection of the kart inside the college itself and it will be executed on a video call. Separate guidelines for In-House TI will be made available in the account. A minimum of 80% of work completion is required in order to attend the In-House TI.

b- Technical Inspection in Final Round- Technical Inspection in the final round will examine all items included on the TI Sheet that can be found in team account plus any other items the inspectors may wish to examine to ensure conformance with the Rules. The exact procedures and instruments employed for inspection and testing are entirely at the discretion of the Chief Technical Inspector. Decisions of the inspectors and the Chief Technical Inspector concerning vehicle compliance are final and are not permitted to be appealed.

c- Inspection Condition- Vehicles must be presented for technical inspection in finished condition, i.e. fully assembled, complete and ready-to-run. Technical inspectors will not inspect any vehicle presented for inspection in an unfinished state.

NOTE: Karts may be presented for technical inspection even if final tuning and set-up have not been finished.

d- Correction and Re-inspection

  • If any part of a vehicle does not comply with the Rules or is otherwise deemed to be a concern, then the team must correct the problem and have the kart re-inspected.

  • The judges and inspectors have the right to re-inspect any vehicle at any time during the competition and require correction of non-compliance.

e- "As-Approved Condition" Once a vehicle has passed inspection, except as specifically allowed for "Modification and Repairs", it must remain in the "As-approved" condition throughout the competition and must not be modified.

6- Driver Exit Time-

An inflexible part of technical inspection where the driver must come out of the kart in 5sec with or without the steering wheel.