Dynamic Event

Skid Pad and Autocross

1- Skid Pad- The objective of the skid-pad event is to measure the vehicle's cornering ability on a flat surface while making a constant-radius turn. The skid pad layout will be a figure of 8 with minimum track width 3m and inner circle radius 10m.

NOTE: Each team may make two (2) attempts. Scoring will be based on the best of the two attempts. Timing may be done using either electronic systems or stop watch.

Scoring Formula-

Skid Pad score = 60x [(Tlongest–Tyours)/ (Tlongest–Tshortest)]



  • Cones Down or Out- A penalty of 1 second will be added to the time for every cone that is hit or knocked down (including gate cones).

  • DNF- Vehicles that spin-out can continue as long as they have not gone off course but if they go out of the course then to be classified as DNF.

  • Incorrect Laps- Vehicles that do not follow procedure, i.e. run an incorrect number of laps or run the Laps in the wrong sequence will be classified as DNF.

2- Autocross- The objective of the autocross event is to evaluate the vehicle's maneuverability and handling qualities on a tight course without the hindrance of competing vehicles. The autocross course will combine the performance features of acceleration, braking, and cornering into one event.

Procedure- The vehicle will be staged such that the front wheels are 6 m (19.7 feet) behind the starting line. The timer starts only after the vehicle crosses the start line. There will be no particular order of the vehicles to run each heat. The organizer will determine the allowable windows for each heat and retains the right to adjust for weather or technical delays. Vehicles that have not run by the end of the heat will be disqualified for that heat.

Note: Each team may make two (2) attempts with the same or different drivers. Scoring will be based on the best of the two attempts. Timing may be done using either electronic systems or stopwatches.

Autocross Course Specifications & Speeds

Figure 13 reflects the similar layout of the autocross track. The specifications mentioned are subjected to the track. The layout may vary as per the track specifications and space availability.


The following specifications will suggest the maximum speeds that will be encountered on the course.

Slaloms: Cones in a straight line with a gap of 4.2m.

Autocross Scoring Formula-

Autocross score = 90x [(Tlongest–Tyours)/ (Tlongest–Tshortest)]


  • Cones Down or Out- Two (2) seconds per cone, including any after the finish line.

  • Out of Course- Driver must re-enter the track at or prior to the missed gate or a twenty (20) second penalty will be assessed.

  • Missed Slalom- Missing one or more gates of a given slalom will be counted as one "off-course" per occurrence. Each occurrence will incur a twenty (20) second penalty.

Note- Timing can be electronic/manual.